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Nutritional Health Care by Lab Analysis

Nutritional Medicines by Lab AnalysisOur physical bodies require specific atoms and molecules to function well internally. Most of them come from the foods and supplements we consume. Harmony necessitates that essential molecules be available in order for us to rebuild our internal organs and support our chemistry on a daily basis. Patient survey questionnaires and blood chemistry profiles, together with hair, urine and stool tests, yield a plethora of health-status indicators. Supplementation and changes to ones eating regime make rebuilding our tissues surprisingly easy.

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We Care and Take the Time to Make the DifferenceOur chief aim is to empower you to achieve and maintain great health. Patients come to see Dr. Thomas from across the United States. Our success in treating patients with chronic diseases, vitamin deficiencies and associated hormonal imbalances is unmatched.  Our blood tests, hair analysis and urine/stool testing is unsurpassed for quality.  An integrative approach to alternative medicine through nutrition is naturopathic in its approach.

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